Age group Age group: 0 - 4 Y
Child's weight Child's weight: 0 - 18 KG
Catalog price:
1099 PLN
Available colors:
Grey Black
Red Black
Pink Violet


Lots of possibilities

Alaskan is ideal for all conditions. When the car seat has to be installed quickly and firmly, you will most certainly appreciate the ISOFIX. The function of car seat rotation on the integrated base makes getting the child in and out very easy. The spacious shell of the car seat, with a reduction pad made of thermoplastic foam, offers unparalleled comfort at every stage of the child’s development.

Rear-facing position is the safe position

Alaskan allows the seat to be placed in the rear-facing position from the child’s birth until reaching a height of 105 cm. Travelling in the rear-facing position is very safe: if there is a head-on collision, the forces affecting the neck of the little passenger in a rear-facing position are five times lower than in a front-facing position.


Files to download

User manual (PL/EN/DE/ES) pdf 739 KB DOWNLOAD
BabySafe catalog (PL) pdf 3 MB DOWNLOAD
BabySafe catalog (EN) pdf 2 MB DOWNLOAD

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