Westie is all around – outgoing, inquisitive, energetic and audacious. It loves movement, fun and adventure. Great companion for children as they immediately get on well together.

  • Age group
    0 – 4 lat
  • Child's weight
    0 – 18 kg
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Higher safety standard

Westie baby car seat tested at 56 km/h
using an anthropomorphic manikin type Q3 by
Industrial Automotive Institute of PIMOT.
The test results showed that following forces act on the passenger's neck:
959.9 N on the upper neck and 922 N on the lower neck.
The limit determint for the leading Swedish test is 1220 N.

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Westie car seat for your child

Travelling in a rearward facing seat provides a much higher level of security. The forces acting during collisions on the head and neck of the small passenger are as many as 5 times lower than in the case of mounting the seat forward-facing. This is why the Westie seat is equipped with ISOFIX base and a stabilization leg which, combined with the spacious shell, makes it possible to transport the child in the safest way virtually all the time – rearward facing.

Height: 52-58 cm
Width: 31 cm
Depth: 33 cm


Regulowany kąt nachylenia oparcia

Regulowana wysokość zagłówka

Wkładka pomniejszająca dla niemowlaka

Obszerna skorupa zapewniająca bezpieczeństwo

Pięciopunktowe pasy bezpieczenstwa

Oddychająca tapicerka

Montaż na bazie isofix przodem i tyłem do kierunku jazdy

Baza ISOFIX ze stopą stabilizującą

ISOFIX mounting base, equipped with a “leg”, makes it easy to safely secure the seat while front or rear-facing. The high side protection with adjustable headrest, five-point safety belts and reducing support pillow for infants make Westie an excellent choice for many seasons.