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  • Age group
    4 – 12 years
  • Child's weight
    15 – 36 kg
  • Catalog price 389 PLN

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Mastiff car seat for your child

The Mastiff seat features a side protection system (Side Impact Protection) of the latest generation. Special absorbers made of SPS foam with honeycomb structure protect the head and the arms of the passenger against injury caused by collision with a side impact. It’s a very dangerous type of incident which represents nearly 30% of all road accidents.

Height: 60-81 cm
Width: 44 cm
Depth: 45 cm


7-stopniowa regulacja wysokości zagłówka

System ochrony bocznej (SIP) w zagłówku i oparciu fotela

System ochrony bocznej (SIP) w zagłówku i oparciu fotela

Stalowa rama konstrukcyjna

Mocowanie ISOFIX

Tapicerka antypotowa

We install the Mastiff car seat in the car when it is placed in the ISOFIX car seat cushion car seat , if Take the car headrest off or reverse it by 180 degrees and then attach the ISOFIX connectors and push the car seat to the maximum. We pin the child with a 3-point car seat belt , paying attention to whether it is appropriately carried out by the indicated (red) places and properly stretched on the child.