Do you know the history of Hachikō?
That’s right, it says a lot about Akita.
Strong, stubborn, faithful and, above all,
committed. These are the traits that have
made this race famous.

  • Age group
    0 - 4 YEARS
  • Child's weight
    0 - 18 KG
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Safety proved by the Plus Test

The safety of our child seat has been proved by the results of a test performed by a Swedish research institute VTI. The methodology of the study was prepared in a cooperation with the manufacturer of Volvo cars and numerous Swedish road safety organisations. The history of this research dates back to 1973.

The crash test of the child seat group 0-18kg is performed at the velocity of 56km/h and to pass it, at the moment of the crash, the net force on the child’s neck cannot exceed 122kg.

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Akita is a perfect child seat installed rear-facing. This method of transporting children considerably increases safety in the case of a head-on collision. What is more, the quality and safety of the child seat has been proved by the Plus Test. The functionalities of Akita that deserve to be highlighted are its harness straps adjustment, 5-point interior straps, ergonometric headrest, and reduction pad made of thermoplastic foam.

Width: 45 cm
Depth: 57 cm
Height: 58 cm
Width: 33 cm
Depth: 24 cm
Height: 50 cm

Oddychająca tapicerka
Wkładka z termoplastycznej pianki
4-stopniowa regulacja wysokości pasów
Skorupa wykonana z energochłonnego materiału
Wentylowana skorupa
Pięciopunktowe pasy bezpieczeństwa
Kompaktowe rozmiary fotelika
Noga stabilizująca

Rear-facing only, both at the front and back seat. Fitting with the use of 3-point seat belts of the vehicle and fitting straps of the child seat. Vehicle and fitting points list correspond to the attached document titled Vehicle List.


Optimal position on every development stage

The child seat is equipped with reduction pad made of thermoplastic foam. It provides the child on an early developmental stage with appropriate hips support and optimal body position. When the baby starts to sit (approx. 6 months), the filling block of the reduction pad has to be removed. It guarantees a deeper seat and better protection of hips and pelvis of a young passenger.