The friend of your child and family

Ensuring children safety is our mission and one of the most important needs of parents. When producing the seats, we act as if we were to transport our own children in them. Ergonomic design and high-quality materials provide maximum travelling comfort for the small passenger during the journey. Being a Polish brand, we understand our customers perfectly. Satisfying their essential needs in terms of safety and children’s comfort, we offer our products at great prices.

Travel with a happy end

Holiday travels, weekend trips or daily trips - for us, every journey ends with a happy end when you reach your goal safely. The baby car seat is the basis for a safe journey for the baby, but equally important is its assembly, and the correct fastening of the passenger.

Security for years

Our car seats have been designed to provide safety and comfort for many years to come. The Husky seat is a true champion in this category - "grows" with your passenger for comfort and safety from 6 months up to 12 years old.